Ink Flight #24 Reveal + Giveaway

A new year, a fresh new batch of inks to use in our fountain pens. Whether you're planning on 2019 being a year of successful resolutions, or just looking to try out some new pen and ink goodies, we're happy to help out and provide you with the writing tools and inspiration. Starting off January is the 24th Ink Flight introducing a new ink brand made in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Taccia inks are "born in California" the same way an iPhone is technically designed in Cupertino. The difference here is that Taccia sends their ink manufacturing to the Nakabayashi Co. in Japan. The iPhone, on the other hand, is built in China.

The experience and quality in manufacturing are evident in each color of the Taccia ink line. Saturated with distinct hues that have exciting properties like shading and sheen. We all love a good sheening ink with Tomoe River Paper, don't we? Taccia delivers with this set of gorgeous colors to start off our first Ink Flight of 2019.

ink flight currently inked jan 24

Here is a rundown of the inks in this month's Flight of samples.

Ao Blue
While having a more subtle sheen than other bright blue inks, Ao has a beautiful hue that is not fussy to clean. Excellent vibrancy and sheen on Tomoe River.

Uguisu Olive Green
This shifty green takes on a different complexion on various papers. A complex and understated green.

Tsuchi Golden Wheat
A gorgeous golden brown color with ample shading. I liken this color to KWZ Honey without the strong menthol smell.

Murasaki Purple
This bright purple ink has a depth of shading and a slight degree of green sheen.

Aka Red
This bright red ink exhibits golden sheen, especially on Tomoe River Paper. Possibly the most surprising ink that I enjoyed of this Flight.

Aoguro Blue-Black
Rich in color and sheen, this wet blue-black goes down like velvet on paper.

Ebi Purple Red
This reddish purple has good shading and some sheen, especially with broader nib sizes. This color is reminiscent of wine or merlot burgundy-type ink.

I thoroughly enjoyed Taccia inks and am happy to have shared them with the Ink Flight Crew this month. At one point, I had all 7 inks in my current rotation and felt anxious that I couldn't share them at that exact moment with everyone on social media and our Facebook group. They're that good!

Ink Flight 24 with pineider snorkel

Box Extras: Pineider Fountain Pen Snorkel + Ink Flight Sticker

Dante del Vecchio is like the da Vinci of the fountain pen world. Not only is he capable of designing writing instruments that have artistic beauty, this "pen"-aissance man also innovates with new tools that address the issues of modern fountain pen users. Such is the case with the new "Snorkel" adapter.

The Snorkel plugs into a converter and uses its thin, stainless steel extension to act like a hummingbird tongue diving in to obtain some of that sweet, hard-to-reach nectar. It easily adapts to converters of different diameters, but will not fit Sailor or Platinum converters.

For an informative, cheeky video demonstration, check out how to use the Snorkel and Pineider's new "Pen Filler" Device.



GIVEAWAY OPPORTUNITY (USA shipping addresses only)

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about January 2019's Ink Flight, the Taccia inks, or the box extras.  We will pick one random commenter to win an upcoming February 2019's Flight Box on Tuesday, Jan 29th at 8:00 pm. My sincere apologies to our international friends, we will only ship this giveaway to USA addresses.


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