Ink Flight #27 Reveal, April 2019

April Fool's, Ink Flight Crew! Oh, were you expecting to know all the colors in April's Flight? This month, we played a little inky trick on all of our subscribers, packing their flight order with 7 numbered samples along with a cryptic description of each, laden with clues as to the identity of each color. Then, we challenged you to figure out each of the colors and submit your guesses on a google form.

Don't worry, we won't tease you anymore and will reveal the identities of each ink flight sample, along with the results from the quiz.

Ink Flight 27 currently inked colors

Here is a rundown of April 2019's Ink Flight lineup. 

Ink #1 Robert Oster True Blue
Mr. Oster does such a wonderful job of creating rich, beautiful blue inks that have awesome sheen and none of the flow or staining issues some super-sheen inks exhibit.

Ink #2 Robert Oster Velvet Crush
Ever since I gave out my last samples of Lamy Dark Lilac, I've always been on the lookout for purple inks that have gold sheen. Velvet Crush gives you a little bit of that sweet sheen on Tomoe River Paper.

Ink #3 Robert Oster Red Candy
Is this a sweet red or what? This juicy, rich red ink does exhibit some sheen and shading.

Ink #4 Diamine Tobacco Sunburst
Diamine recently released a set of guitar-inspired inks that take their names after body styles of Gibson guitars. Tobacco Sunburst is a rich, earthy brown color with shading.

Ink #5 Diamine Robert
Exclusive to Cult Pens, UK, this ink has off the charts sheen with a rich, plum red base color.

Ink #6 Krishna Winnolam
To inaugurate the first official pen show in India, Krishna released two exclusive colors. This medium-toned blue has got a nice sheen on Tomoe River paper.

Ink #7 Krishna Sufi
If you like sheen, you were living in glory this month. To wrap up the set, we have another sheening ink in Krishna Sufi. This ink has a rich, olive green with a dark reddish-black sheen.

So, how did you do with your guesses?

Well, looking at the results, I think we might have made this a little too difficult.

So, if the average score is 0.6 of 7 total points, that means most respondents got either a zero or one ink correct. 

As you might notice with the graph, there was ONLY ONE fully correct response. Jennifer M. from Virginia nailed it 100%. Instead of doing a giveaway contest for next month's flight, we're going to give her the free Ink Flight Box as her prize.

Hope you guys had fun trying to figure out the identities of each color. Please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this Flight and would like to see more of these in the future.

Ink Flight 27 box contents

Box Extras: J. Herbin Refillable Marker, Clairefontaine Europa Listmaker Spiral Bound Notepad

We're always looking for fun, new ways to play with your ink. The latest cool, creative tool to dispense your ink is the J. Herbin refillable marker. Marker tips range from 3mm to 10mm chisel tip. Due to inventory availability, we included an assortment of tip sizes at random for our subscribers. Practice lettering, calligraphy, make some art, or just have some fun with your ink samples.

Perfect for daily task lists, shopping lists, or keeping track of all your pen and ink combinations, The Europa Listmaker has got all the features of a premium Clairefontaine product. This spiral-bound notepad contains 60 sheets of 90g ultra white, fountain pen (and marker) friendly lined paper that's super smooth, acid-free, and pH neutral. Throw this pad in your bag or pocket with ease. The double wire spiral binding doesn't snag and the elastic closure keeps the notepad from flapping open.

Let us know what you think about the April Ink Flight contents by leaving a comment below. Thank you to everyone who participated in the quiz and congrats to Jennifer for getting all of them correct and winning May's Ink Flight Box.


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