Ink Flight #31 Reveal, August 2019

On the heels of the 50th anniversary Apollo 11 Moon Landing celebration, we look forward to Mankind's next great achievement with our sights set on Mars. The Red Planet is the theme behind Colorverse's Season 5 collection of inks. As you might know, Colorverse inks are released by season with each ink set including a 65ml bottle of one color, and a cutesy 15ml of a different color. Season 5 consists of 5 different two-packs of inks, which presented a bit of a challenge to organizing an Ink Flight of 7 samples. I'll go into more detail on that in the notes below.

Since you all enjoyed the mystery of the April Fool's Flight a few months ago, we thought it would be fun to introduce the concept of an "alternate ending" to this month's Ink Flight. Much like a television show might have an alternate ending to keep viewers on their toes, this Ink Flight's 7th color is a toss-up between all the small 15ml inks. To meet the 6 main color requirement, we also included one ink combo (Arabella and Anita) from Season 4's Trailblazer in Space.

ink flight colorverse season five

Here is a rundown of August 2019's Ink Flight lineup. 

Map of Mars / No. 63
Rich teal blue that exhibits some shading and sheen. Definitely, one of my favorites to write with during the month. Used in an OMAS Ogiva w/ 14kt gold extra flessibile nib. Surface Tension: 60.4 / PH: 8.5

Mariner 4 / No. 65
Dark navy blue with good shading.Wet flow coming out of my Sailor 1911 music nib. Surface Tension: 63.2 / PH: 8.4

Dust Storm / No. 67
Lightly saturated yellow ochre color with shading. I thought this one was on the drier side, but it could have been the cursive italic nib I wrote with. Thoughts?Surface Tension: 60.0 / PH: 10.1

Opportunity / No. 69
Bright pinkish violet ink named after the rover that recently ended its 15-year mission on Mars. Rocked this ink in my Platinum Kumpoo. Pleasant color with shading. Surface Tension: 58.3 / PH: 8.2

Martian / No. 70
A completely alien rusty reddish-orange with gold. This was the show-stopper for me. I was blown away by how this color looks wet, then dries on the paper. Perfectly matched with the theme. Surface Tension: 59.5 / PH: 8.1

Arabella / No. 51
Bright, “DOS prompt” green named after a space-bound spider. A nice, bright palate cleanser. Surface Tension: 76.0 / PH: 7.6

Alternate Endings
Mars Attacks (No. 64), Allan Hills 84001 (No. 66), Valles Marineris (No. 68), Spirit (No. 70), Life on Mars (No. 72), or Anita (No. 52)

I realize that some folks might be a little bummed if they didn't get the ending they wanted. I get it. I'm a Game of Thrones fan, too. If you're looking to swap, I'd suggest getting together on the Ink Flight Lounge Facebook page and trade information so you can connect with other pen pals in the Flight Crew and see if anyone's willing to trade for the color you want.

Ink Flight Box Nebula Note Colorverse

Box Extras: Colorverse Nebula Tomoe River A5 Notebook

What’s the best way to see the full depth of these new ink colors, the possibilities of sheen and shading? Why, Tomoe River paper, of course! Colorverse introduces the Nebula notebook - a 200 page, perfect bound notebook with blank, 52gsm Tomoe River paper. 

If you haven’t tried Tomoe River paper yet, this is a game-changer. If you already have a Tomoe River notebook or two, you know there’s always room for another.

Plus, this blank notebook includes a guide sheet and stickers to help format the notebook around your needs and creativity. Want to use it as a bullet journal for productivity? Use the dot grid. Practice handwriting? Use the slanted line card. Keeping a planner or diary? Use the stickers to signify important events. The blank canvas is yours to fill with your art.

For the bonus swag, we included the “Great Minds Ink Alike” magnet to plaster on your fridge, car, or any place magnetic to show you’re part of the inky community.

Let us know what you think about the August 2019 Ink Flight contents by leaving a comment below. After you're done with that, head over to @inkjournal on Instagram to find our giveaway post so you can enter for a chance to win a September box coming up shortly!


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