Ink Flight #35 Reveal, December 2019

We started 2019 sampling Taccia inks by Nakabayashi (Japan) and that is where we finish the year. Introducing brand-new colors inspired by 18th Century Japanese Ukiyo-e artists Hokusai and Sharaku. Plus, two inks from Taccia’s new cosmetic-influenced Lip Color line.

Consider it fate. An e-mail from Shu-Jen of Taccia appeared in my inbox at the perfect time. We were looking for a new lineup of inks to feature. The initial set of Taccia inks were impressive. They flowed well, behaved nicely, and displayed a nice palette of colors. So, we booked December's Flight to Japan for the next round of Taccia inks by Nakabayashi.

taccia fountain pen ink samples

Here is a rundown of December 2019's Ink Flight lineup. 

Hokusai Saibimidori
Hokusai is known for painting landscapes of Mt. Fuji. This dark teal has a brownish sheen. One of my immediate favorites of this lineup. It embodies the theme beautifully and has a distinctive color.

Hokusai Fukakihanada
Reminiscent of the blue found in Japanese porcelain art of the Edo Period. A pleasing, gentle blue that shades well.

Hokusai Benitsuchi
This warm, terracotta red has an earthy richness.

Sharaku Koiame
Sharaku’s Ukiyo-e paintings depicted famous Kabuki actors. Koiame is a warm yellow-brown.

Sharaku Kurocha
Dark and chocolatey, Kurocha is a rich, brown ink.

Lip Color Rose Pale
The "Lip Color" collection contains a palette of tones inspired by cosmetics. This bright, bubblegum pink is sure to call attention to your greeting cards.

Lip Color Pink Beige
This lighter earth tone has a unique, warm hue. A "nude" ink for fountain pens, indeed.

Tasting notes: Overall, Taccia impressed me once again with their new collections of ink. Each color flows nicely and is fuss-free to use in any of the pens in my rotation. I particularly enjoyed writing with Saibimidori and Benitsuchi. The Lip Color Beige is a departure from the normal rotation of colors. But, I do enjoy the unique hue. It stands out from the rest of my scribblings.

Ink Flight Contents - December 2019

Box Extras: Stillman & Birn Epsilon Series Premium Sketchbook, 3.5in. x 5.5in.

Stocked with heavyweight, 150gsm white paper, the Stillman & Birn Premium Sketchbook is ideal for pen & ink. Your nibs will glide like butter on 92 smooth-surface pages. Choose to write, draw, sketch or brush on light washes of ink.

The flexible softcover is bound in the United States and provides a durable exterior for this pocket-friendly notebook. Experiment with your creativity and explore the colors from December’s Ink Flight on this quality paper.

Stillman & Birn have six series of sketchbooks that have varying types of quality paper. We used a sample paper pack sent by the distributor to find the ideal combination of smoothness and suitability for ink. The Epsilon series was the clear winner.

Included with December's box is an InkJournal-exclusive front adhesive sticker. Perfect for windows, this sticker has a family of pens splashed in ink splatters. 

GIVEAWAY OPPORTUNITY (USA shipping addresses only)

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about December 2019's Ink Flight, Taccia Inks, or the box extras.  We will pick one random commenter to win an upcoming January 2020's Flight Box on Tuesday, December 31st at 8:00 pm. My sincere apologies to our international friends, we will only ship this giveaway to USA addresses.


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