Ink Flight #38 Reveal and Giveaway, March 2020

Shimmering, sheeny, and dramatically shading inks are fun, but sometimes a writer wants a reliable, no-fuss ink that plays nice with every pen in their collection. This month, we visit France to explore the tried and true Waterman brand of inks.

Originally an American brand founded by Lewis Edson Waterman in 1883, the current Waterman Pen Company continues its 100+ year history in France. Made with uncompromising quality, Waterman inks are vibrant and safe to use in all fountain pens - vintage and modern alike.

Waterman Ink Flight Colors

Here is a rundown of March 2020's Ink Flight lineup. I included the Waterman website ink descriptions in italics because I enjoyed their poetic flavor.

Serenity Blue
A peaceful, business-appropriate royal blue ink color. Like the tranquil echo of a dream, Serenity Blue brings a peacefulness to the page, ready to awaken pleasant thoughts.

Tender Purple
Absolutely loved writing with this vibrant purple ink. It has a slight hint of electric green sheen on Tomoe River when you really let it flow. Gently coaxing forth each surprising thought, Tender Purple willingly conquers the contours of your creative mindscape.

Mysterious Blue
I had this navy blue color inked in my Lamy 2000 medium point and it still exhibited some good shading. From the depths of your imagination, Mysterious Blue conjures up bottomless wells of ideas waiting to be brought to life.

Harmonious Green
As many people couldn't go out on St. Patrick's Day this year, I still celebrated by inking my pen with this festive green color. Emerging from the emotional wilderness, this Green reveals your natural urge to create.

Absolute Brown
Rich, warm, and down-to-earth, this brown is one of the more saturated colors of this lineup. Venturing into the unknown, Absolute Brown invites you on a journey into the most inquisitive side of your imagination.

Audacious Red
Bold without calling too much attention to itself, Audacious Red has a fiery personality. Boldly surging from the color spectrum, Audacious Red whispers power and passion with primal sensuality.

Inspired Blue
How I love the bright optimism of turquoise ink. When you look to the skies for a clue, this Blue comes up with an answer as eloquent as poetry.

Tasting Notes: I enjoyed each of these inks. It's a great "Crayola" palette. Like a pack of crayons, it has the most popular colors that writers like to use. If I were to gift a new fountain pen enthusiast a reliable set of inks to start off with, I'd give them these colors to see what they would like. 

Ink Flight box 38 Clairefontaine Flying Spirit Notebooks Midori Stickers and Ink Samples

Clairefontaine Flying Spirit A5 Notebook - (Assorted Covers)

Established in France since 1858, Clairefontaine is the only European stationery manufacturer still producing its own paper. The 90gsm ivory, lined paper has a satin finish for maximum smoothness. The acid-free paper is sourced from certified sustainable forests and manufactured with care for the environment.

As you might assume by its inclusion in an Ink Flight Box, Clairefontaine paper also handles fountain pen ink well. The Flying Spirit notebook has an elegant appeal.A vintage-style design (five assorted illustrations) adorns the black or white cover. The back cover flap acts as a bookmark to keep your place. 96 pages.

Midori Index Labels Chiratto

Divide and organize the sections of your journal, planner, and/or notebook with Midori Index Labels. These colorful labels attach to the edge of the page, making it easier to access the different chapters of your novel, months in a year, or various projects. The portion of the tab that adheres to the page is transparent to ensure nothing is covered.

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