Ink Flight #42 Reveal, July 2020

Douglas Adams enshrined the number 42 in his classic novel "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" as the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe, and everything. What's the question? Who knows! What I do know is that we're going to answer the question of, "What ink and goodies arrived in July's Ink Flight issue #42?"

Although it is currently winter in Australia, this month's Flight from Robert Oster Signature features a summery selection of inks, including fresh, new colors. Known for their quality and expansive color palette, Robert Oster Inks are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The batch produced for this month's flight was bottled only a few weeks ago, traveling 10,000 miles to be sampled and shipped to your doorstep.

A big thanks go to Rob and his team for not only getting the inks shipped quickly but also including one of our extra items this month - a Swatchplay blotter card!

Ink Flight 42 Currently Inked List

Here is a rundown of July 2020's Ink Flight colors - 

Robert Oster "Sushi"
You won't need chopsticks to enjoy this light, salmon pink ink. Dip pen - yes! This soft, pleasing pink color has adequate saturation to be visible on paper while providing nice shading.

Robert Oster "Aussie Gold"
Let your writing shine with this shading yellow-gold ink.

Robert Oster "Chartreuse"
This refreshing yellow-green has medium shading and lighter saturation that is best used in broader nibs. As I was writing with this ink, it varied in appearance from a greenish-yellow to burnished gold. It's shifty!

Robert Oster "Summer Storm"
Just like an afternoon thunderstorm, this grey color moves quickly from grey to blue with purple undertones. This is an exciting grey ink that is anything but ordinary.

Robert Oster "GoGo"
This cool purple ink has a hint of gold sheen when using a wet nib and Tomoe River Paper.

Robert Oster "Flaming Blue"
Ignite your handwriting with this saturated, sheening navy ink. While not being a "Sheen Machine" (see last month's inks), Flaming Blue does exhibit a tendency to sheen without becoming smeary on paper.

Robert Oster "Tokyo Blue Denim"
Introduced at the Tokyo International Pen Show in 2019, this deep, blue ink has a coppery sheen.

 Tasting Notes: Most of these inks are relatively new within the Robert Oster collection. Time and time again, I'm impressed with the ink colors and behaviors that make Robert Oster inks fun and easy to use in all my pens. 

Now, to the extras. Usually, I'd have a picture that depicts the open box with an example of the extra box items. This month, the boxes sold so quickly, I don't have another box to photograph here. Instead, I'll share a nice unboxing video that Angeliz Stationery Room posted on YouTube. Enjoy!

Box Extras : Stifflex Campbook 130mm x 210mm Notebook

Made in Italy from the third generation of the Mazzouli family, the Stifflex notebook has a hardcover with two indents that allow it to be more flexible than a standard hardcover journal. The "Campbook" cover design pays homage to Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup painting.

The "stiff" constitution of the hardcover protects the notebook's contents. The patented Stifflexible indented cover design allows the writer to riffle the pages when looking back through notes or journal entries.

The Campbook contains 192 pages of acid-free, 80gsm, FSC certified paper of which 144 pages are ruled, 32 blank, and 16 graph. All graph pages are perforated for easy removal. The flap on the inside back cover can close the pocket or act as a bookmark.

The "Nib Life" sticker is a derivative of the Salt Life lifestyle brand logo. It's a fun way to show others that writing with fountain pens can be badass, too.

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Although we will not require a comment to be entered in the giveaway, please do write your thoughts on July's Ink Flight 42 below.


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