Ink Flight #59, December 2021

Upon first seeing the name DOMINANT INDUSTRY, it conjures an image of a bespectacled business tycoon eager to crush all competitors. In reality, this South Korean ink manufacturer is a new entry into the fountain pen world, featuring a range of standard and glistening "pearl" colors. This Flight features several fall & winter-themed inks to get your writing into the spirit of the season.

Dominant Industry fountain pen inks.

Here is a rundown of this month's color selection.

Dominant Industry Periwinkle Blue
This shading, medium-toned blue has soft lilac undertones.

Dominant Industry Maple
Reminiscent of falling leaves, this reddish-orange hue has a subdued saturation with a crisp outline to each letter.

Dominant Industry Downpour
You might want to save this grey ink for a rainy day. It shades with a slight hint of purple.

Dominant Industry Winter Wood
This deep, walnut brown has a rich saturation with a black sheen.

Dominant Industry Lake
Bold and refreshing, this aqua blueish-green color has shading and a touch of sheen around the edges.

Dominant Industry Pearl Sunset
Like the skies of a frosty winter evening, this multi-chromatic, shading ink has a light purple base with blue tones and pink shimmer.

Dominant Industry Pearl Winter Night
Experience the magic of a midnight blizzard with this blue-black ink with shimmer.

Check out an unboxing and swatching of this month's Ink Flight on the Doormouse's Desk YouTube Channel here:

Ink-A-Pet Ink Sample Vial Holder, Odyssey Notebook Tomoe River Pocket Notebook & Page Markers

Calvin is a 7-year-old entrepreneur and pen enthusiast behind the Ink-A-Pet sample vial holder. Each 3-d printed "inktopus" holds one standard ink vial. The design helps provide a stable (and adorable) base to refill your fountain pen. Find accessories for your Ink-A-Pet on Calvin's website.

Odyssey Notebooks inspires individuals to create and learn new things by designing beautiful notebooks that are fun to use. Their pocket-sized (3.5" x 5.5") notebooks contain 72 dot grid pages of 68gsm Tomoe River Paper from Japan. The saddle-stitched, leatherette softcover has a debossed graphic of a satellite on the corner.

Hold your place using the galaxy-themed magnetic page markers from Peter Pauper Press. The 8 designs feature various celestial bodies including the Pillars of Creation, the Crab Nebula, and the Mountains of Creation. These multi-purpose clips can be used as secure bookmarks, magnets, paper clips, and more!

Big thanks to Eric (@e_bear_ink on Instagram) for the “The Inktopus that Stole Christmas” sticker design included in this month’s box.

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