Ink Flight #63, April 2022

Any seasoned Ink Flight subscriber ought to know that April is time for an inky fun game. For the fourth year, April's Ink Flight includes a batch of 7 mystery colors. Use your keen ink detection skills to solve the identity of each color. Instead of leaving each label blank with a number (Ink #1, #2, #3, etc), each vial label has a "Wheel of Fortune"-like puzzle. The box's guide sheet also provides a clue to point you in the right direction.

Aside from confirming a few folks who reached out via DM or e-mail, I've kept the identities of these inks a secret. Until today, that is! Now, we reveal all the ink colors that came with Aprils Ink Flight.

Here is a rundown of this month's ink color selection: 

April 2022 Ink Flight Box #63 "Currently Inked" Color Selection

Diamine Gruntled Guava
Diamine x Cult Pens (UK) exclusive ink. Light salmon orange hue that shades. Clue: We hope you'll be content with this tropical ink

Diamine Bashful Blueberry
Diamine x Cult Pens (UK) exclusive ink. Undersaturated purplish-blue color that shades nicely. Clue: Don't be shy when filling your pens with this juicy blue ink.

Montblanc Petrol Blue
Rich, shady with a slight hint of sheen. Petrol Blue is like jet fuel for your fountain pen. Clue: This ink is more expensive than gasoline (per gallon), but don't put it in your car's tank.

Diamine Wistful Watermelon
Diamine x Cult Pens (UK) exclusive ink. Juicy with great shading, this pink is a spot on color of watermelon flesh. Clue: You'll be longing for summer fun with this pink color.

Laban Zeus
From Laban's collection of inks inspired by Greek Mythology. Zeus has a saturated magenta color that stands out with some sheen. Clue: In a pantheon of inks, this deep magenta color sits on the throne.

Jacques Herbin Shogun
Let your handwriting shine with this black ink that sheens and shimmers. From the Anniversary collection of J. Herin's ink, Shogun pays tribute to the artist Kenzo Takada. Clue: This shimmering, black ink takes its title from Japanese history. 

Laban Hera
Ink for the queen of strength and excellence. This dark tealish green has a strong presence on the page. Clue: This "green goddess" of ink is not a myth!

How many did you get right? Were the clues too difficult or too easy? Please feel free to chat about this flight on the Facebook Ink Flight Lounge Group or on our Discord server.

With this April Fool's Flight, I wanted to balance Diamine's bright, shading inks with some colors that had bolder saturation. This is the first Flight Box to feature Montblanc ink. Petrol Blue was nice. The Laban inks are beautiful as well. "Shogun" adds shimmery excitement to an otherwise standard-looking black ink.

Box Extras: Plotter 6mm Ruled Memo Pad, Mind Wave Stamp Stickers, Pipsticks Washi Tape

A "Plotter" can be defined as someone who uses their creativity to clear the way to a new future. The PLOTTER brand creates tools that make creative work enjoyable and easier to use. The Plotter Memo Pad is convenient for jotting quick notes whenever inspiration hits.

The Memo Pad "refill" has six-hole punches and easy-to-remove pages. It can be used in a ring binder or separately if you prefer. Use fountain pens confidently on this excellent, Japanese-made paper.

Whether you enjoy relaxing with a hot cup first thing in the morning, or burning the midnight oil and writing letters to friends, the elegant, illustrated stickers from Mind Wave are the perfect decoration for journals and letters. Half of our subscribers received the "coffee" set of stickers while the other got "stationery" themed set.

Our dogs always go crazy for the USPS letter carriers. This month, we pay homage to the "mail man's best friend" with a roll of mail-themed washi tape from Pipsticks of California. The tape has just the right amount of tack for crafting, wrapping, decorating your planner, journal, snail mail, or anything! Plus, the included Inktopus sticker features an updated style of our favorite inky cephalopod.

So, what are your thoughts on April's Ink Flight? Please feel to share them on social media by tagging me @inkjournal or send me a quick e-mail to provide your feedback. 


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